Vriti QPG

Vriti QPG (Papersetter)

Now a days it is very much difficult on the part of a teacher to set a question paper and take exams on daily/weekly basis due to lots of work load. As a result most of the teachers show disinterest in taking exams(Weekly/chapterwise) in schools except the Pretest/Test/Annual Exams. Therefore there is launch of VE’S QA GENERATORS. With the help of the software the teacher can save time in setting question papers for daily/ weekly exams. Also to manage the students in the absence of a teacher, the school can conduct surprise tests to check the understanding and knowledge of students.


  1. Generate unlimited Question paper with different permutations and combinations.
  2. Can conduct practice tests chapterwise after completion of a chapter to know student’s understanding.
  3. More practice tests on daily and weekly basis results in knowing students grasping and capabilities and plan accordingly for their improvement.
  4. Schools can easily conduct tests and generate model answers to give to the students.
  5. Teacher can take tests chapter wise or Question type wise for example.
  6. Only MCQS of 50 marks.
  7. Only true / false of 20 marks.
  8. Only fill in the blanks of 10 marks.
  1. The Question type Tests can be generated chapter wise / a group of chapters/ unit wise.

There are 3 type of tests, one can generate with the help of the software:

  1. Board Pattern exams 
    In our software, we have the provision of setting a board paper as per the chapter wise weightage, distribution of marks & as per the blue print of paper format . There will be no repetitions. No one will know which are the questions to be asked .The Software will have Questions as per the text book. Every time the Question will be different.
  2. Fix Pattern Format
    The second pattern is the Fixed pattern, Where a teacher can generate the question paper chapterwise/Unitwise.
    In this pattern the teacher can generate the paper with a predefined fixed format for chapterwise/Unitwise
  3. Customized Format
    The Customized format is designed in such a way that the teacher can set the paper on his/her own by selecting his/her choice of questions. It is mainly helpful for students of both good and average students.
    We sometimes see students ,who are average in studies, are feel depressed due to lower marks. For average students, the teacher can select questions in a systematic way i.e. easy to difficult in a phased manner, so that students, who are average in studies, never feel behind and can score good marks gradually. By this the teacher can encourage the average students to practice more and more to compete with the good students. It indirectly helps the students to score good marks and increase their confidence. Same way the teacher can generate separate question papers with Hot Questions for the good students to test their knowledge and skill which will create a competition based on marks and average students never feel the stress of scoring more marks.
    This is only possible if there is any tool to generate question papers in one minute. So VE’S QA GENERATORS is that tool which cater to that need of students.