About Us

About Us

Vriti Edusoft stands at the top of Educational Multimedia & Paper Setter Software publishers who revolutionized the education sector with the innovative ideas of paper setting techniques and learning through Multimedia. Possessing the great expertise and passion for the profession, we have been serving the Schools, Coaching Classes and Students of ICSE/CBSE and different State Boards.

This idea was initiated by the expert scholars to redefine the methodology of paper setting in different schools of India. The motive behind this project was to provide the system with a solution that can generate the one opportunity to measure all the skills of a student. Vriti Edusoft is the sole provider of the software that can generate question papers according to the guideline of education board. There is a vast question bank provided with our software that covers Hundreds of different Question types in all Subjects.

We have been serving the education sector for last 15 years. Our first product NERO Paper Setter was one of its kinds and was catered to both School and college sections of Maharashtra Board and entrance exams like MHTCET/ CA-CPT/NEET/JEE.

We are the undisputed leader in providing Paper setter Software for the school and college segment for ICSE, CBSE, State Boards and Entrance exam like NEET and JEE and Competitive exams like CDS, NDA, Banking and Railway exams.

With the increasing competition, constant practice at home helps in better preparation. To generate the practice paper at home can get difficult. So due to the unprecedented demand, we launched a lighter version of the same software by the name of “SCORE99”.

We have been a trusted name in delivering a broad range of educational Software, E-notes, E-books and solutions backed by technology, analytics and consulting services that help create valuable relationships between our clients, students, employees and regulatory authorities.

Motive behind this concept

While- we were serving as teachers, we had a lot of study related stuff to do and daily tests were the part of our busy schedule. After nerve wrecking routine, there was no time left for test preparation. Due to the strict rules of examination board, it was no joke to set a paper that time. So the need of an automated tool could not be denied those days. That idea led to the creation of this amazing paper setter tool. Today, thousands of schools and colleges across India are using our paper setter tool. We are empowering technology solutions for schools in the State Boards, ICSE and CBSE segment for more than 9 years. We are proud to be first company to introduce the trend of paper setter tools in the Indian education sector.