E-notes & E-Digests

E-notes & E-Digests

This digital revolution has led to remarkable changes in how the content is accessed, consumed, discussed, and shared. Digital learning technologies enable students to grasp concepts more easily and quickly. It connects theory and application more adeptly.Digital age learners must be able to connect with learning resources. Keeping in view the digital learning requirement of students and teachers, we at VritiEdusoft aims to launch e-notes and e-digests for teachers and students.We understand the requirement of a good study material for the success of a student

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and a teacher. 

Our e-notes and e-digests are written by reputed teachers, authors, and scholars. Our e-Notes and digests are 100% accurate and fact-checked. Our team copyedits and proofreads everything to ensure you have all the information you need to understand the content of book and excel in the exam. Our e-notes and digests are designed for Students and Teachers separately keeping in view of the different requirements:

Our enotes are an essential supplement for every student and teacher. They are the foundation of any institute. It’s a quick revision guide for the student. It covers the following

  • Revision Theory Notes
  • Shortcuts/ highlighted points for quick remember
  • Practice Questions
  • Revision of pagewise content through MCQs
  • Practice Test Paper at the end of every Chapter.
  • Important exam related questions included

Our e-notes are available for the following:

JEE- Mains NEET ICSE CBSE State Boards
9th and 10th 9th and 10th 9th and 10th 9th and 10th SSC


Benefit for Teachers and Students.

  • No need to worry about Typing Cost, for drawing figures and proof reading.Customized Notes with watermark of your class name and logo.
  • The important benefit of e-Notes and Digests is that it makes sure that you are in synchronization with modern learners. This enables the learner to access updated content whenever and wherever they want it.
  • It is a way to provide quick delivery of lessons. Students can choose to study specific areas of the learning material without focusing on each and every area.
  • It is cost effective as compared to traditional forms.  The reason for this price reduction is because learning through this mode happens quickly and easily. This cost effectiveness also helps in enhancing the profitability of an organization.
  • It has a positive influence on an organization’s profitability. It makes easy to grasp the content and digest it which results in improved scores in tests, or other types of evaluation.