Everything you need to know about the Vriti Paper Setter Software. We have put together some most commonly asked questions to provide you more information and help with the Question Paper Generator software.

If you still have a question that you cannot find the answer to , please use the contact us page and we will help you.

1. Can the software be installed in more than one computer?

Ans: The Software is a single user software. It will be installed in a single computer.

2. How can I take pritout of the question paper generated?

Ans: The computer with the installed software must be connected to a Printer for taking printout of question papers.

You cannot take printouts from other computers.

We are not responsible for any problem while taking printout outside.

3.  Can I get a refund after Software installation?

Ans: Once the software is installed, no amount will not be refunded in any circumstances.

In extraordinary situations (legal procedure), we in our discretion (if fit), will deduct the installation charges, per question paper charges generated till date and only then process the refund.

4. What can I do if there is some error / trouble while using the software?

Ans: Customer satisfacton is our goal. If you face any issue with the software plz give us a call. We will rectify the problems related to the software.

In case of any hardware malfubctioning, we will help in assessing the technical problems arising in the computers and the client will solve the issue at their own cost with the help of their own Hardware Engineer.

5. Can I use the question paper generated for one class for some other class?

Ans: The question paper generated using the software for a particular class must be used in the same class with same name. Use of Question paper in any other class name will be considered as a breach of contract. We reserve the right to suspend the license with immediate effect and no updates or supports will be provided thereafter.

6. Is the service and support free of cost?

Ans: Service and online support will be free for one year from the date of installation.

7. How can I get services and support after one year of usage?

Ans: Renewal Charges after one year will be charged as per the company provision, which will be fixed at the time of purchase. If the product & service is not renewed before the expiry – no support’s/ updates/ security codes will be provided.

8. Is it possible to transfer the installed software from one system to another?

Ans: If someone wants to transfer the installed software from one computer to another, the following conditions will be applied:

a. First we will uninstall the package from the original (1st) computer & install in the other (2nd) computer.

b. If the original installation is not available, then it will be treated as a new installation & charged accordingly.

c. In a year, there will be only one chance to shift the installation from one computer to another computer. In case the client wants to change for second time, the client will be charged for transfer and installation.

9. Can I get the activation code again in case I fail to remember the code?

Ans: The activation code will be provided once only. But if the Hard disk is crashed or formatted, we will provide the key after due verification.

If it exceeds more than three times in a year then the company at its own discretion, after taking all circumstances into consideration, will decide whether to charge or not.

10. What if I find a mistake in any of the generated question paper?

Ans: We take utmost care of the content created. But still inadvertently if you find any mistakes, please bring it to our notice for correction in its upgraded version. Your feedbacks are welcome for the betterment of the product. We request you to send the photocopy of the paper by highlighting the errors or mail the errors to vritiedusoft@gmail.com You can also Whatsapp a picture of the erroneous paper to 918369078466.

11. What are the available modes of payment for the purchase of software?

Ans: All payments to be made by Account Payee cheque / DD in favour of Nivriti Publishers Private Ltd. We are not responsible for cash transactions. Cheque return charges of Rs. 200/- will be charged on dishonoured cheques.

12. Is the software customisable?

Ans: There will be no change in the software programme. If a customer wants any customized changes, we will charge some additional amount as per the requirement.

13. Without any prejudice to all our rights, we reserve the right to enter & uninstall from any premises of above software installations in case entire payment is not received by us against this invoice.

14. The rights of Property of the software is not transferable.

15. If any dispute or difference whatsoever arises between “The Parties, the same shall be settled by Arbitration in accordance with the Indian law, in the jurisdiction of Mumbai and its suburban.